Prayer Services

The Kraft Center seeks to provide opportunities to find your own way to express your Judaism through our wonderful diverse prayer services. We house Conservative, Orthodox and Reform Shabbat services each week. Daily Shacharit (morning), Mincha (afternoon) and Maariv (evening) services are facilitated by Yavneh, our Orthodox student group. Additionally, on Rosh Chodesh (the new month), Koach, our Conservative student group, conducts morning services. Our pluralistic spectrum of offerings exists to provide our students with the means to find personalized meaning through prayer.  For information on time and location of our services click the links to the right.

Daily Prayer Services

Yavneh, our Orthodox student group on campus, conducts daily services. These davening times can be found here:

Koach, our Conservative student group on campus, meets every Rosh Chodesh at the Kraft Center.

Shabbat Prayer Services

Weekly Saturday morning services are 9:15 AM Yavneh (Orthodox) and 10:00 AM Koach (Conservative)