Hela Lahar

Title: Director, Center for Israel Education

Phone: (212) 851-9695

Hela Lahar, joined the Columbia/Barnard Hillel team as the Director of the Center for Israel Education in the summer of 2016, when she moved to NYC from Kibbutz Lehavot-Haviva, Israel. Prior to moving to NYC, Hela was the director of the Jewish Peoplehood Education Center, which she founded, at the Israeli Movement for Progressive and Reform Judaism. Hela was the Director of the Israel Center at Hillel of Greater Philadelphia from 2007-2010, serving as a Jewish Agency emissary, immediately after graduating Tel Aviv University with a Masters in Diplomacy and Security studies. For 12 years, Hela worked in a professional capacity, and later as a volunteer, with the nonprofit organization Israeli & European Youth Exchanges (I&EYE), bringing together youth from Israel and the European Union, as a group leader, educator and director of the German desk. Hela dabbles in many different arts and crafts and lives in the city with her spouse Arad, and three daughters – Nevoh, Iyar and Imrie.