Jaimie Krass

Title: Director of Engagement

Phone: (212) 854-0456

Jaimie can remember her first experience with Jewish ritual as though it happened yesterday, perhaps because it practically did: having never felt connected to her own Jewish identity, she spontaneously decided to light her first Shabbat candle when she was a freshman in college. Needless to say, the fire caught. A few months later she registered for a second major in Jewish Studies and began studying abroad in Haifa, Israel, where she also volunteered at the Leo Baeck Community Center as a language instructor for Ethiopian-Israeli women and children. Upon graduating from the University of Florida with a BA in Political Science and Jewish Studies, Jaimie pursued a career with Hillel, working first at Muhlenberg College Hillel as the Programs and Engagement Manager and then at Columbia/Barnard Hillel as the IACT Coordinator. After two wonderful years in this role, she is beyond excited to dive into this year from a different angle as the Director of Engagement.

A native of Chicago who is unashamed to admit that she prefers New York-style pizza, Jaimie enjoys puns—especially cheese-related ones: they’re grate!—poetry slams, hiking and roasted seaweed snacks. She is a proud Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies alumna, a dedicated crisis counselor for LGBTQ youth with the Trevor Project, and a current MA candidate at the Davidson School.