Judaism and Israel

Judaism & Israel – iEngage Seminar

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The iEngage (Judaism and Israel)  seminar partners with world-class educators from the Shalom Hartman Institute to explore contemporary issues and the State of Israel. Students selected for this seminar will reframe the Israel discussion through values-based conversations, rather than politics or advocacy.

The fellowship features five sessions each semester, and will hopefully include a week at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, either during Winter Break or following spring semester.. This seminar is intended for members of the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024. Please reach  out to Navah or Rabbi Hain with any questions, and see below to apply.

  • Do you connect with Israel as an idea? An ideal? A political, cultural, or religious entity? All or none of the above? Have you spent time in Israel? In what context? Feel free to interpret this question as you see fit.
  • The iEngage curriculum, as envisioned by the Hartman Institute, is rooted in text study about a variety of Jewish values (and eventually, about how our individual interpretations of those values influence our opinions on Israel)
    It's fine if your schedule isn't finalized - just let us know what works for now! If none of these times work, please email Navah: [email protected]