Turn your idea into reality with a Kraftstarter grant!

Have a great new idea for the Hillel community? Don’t know where to turn to make this dream a reality? Apply for a Hillel Student Eboard Kraftstarter grant to help fund your idea! The goal of the Kraftstarter grant is to provide funding opportunities to individuals with a new idea they want to implement, outside the context of existing Hillel groups and programs.

Allocations are determined based on the potential for impact to the Hillel community, demonstrated financial need to execute the program, and willingness to work within student executive board guidelines to achieve the programmatic goals. Please note that this funding is allocated from Columbia University’s Student Governing Board, and is therefore subject to the same restrictions as put forth in their allocation guidelines.

Kraftstarter is not intended to serve as an additional source of funding for pre-existing Hillel groups. If you are a student leader looking for additional funding to partner with another group for an event, click here to apply for a grant from the Intergroup Fund.

Please reach out to Aliza Makovsky, Eboard Treasurer, with the subject line “Kraftstarter” with any questions.

Apply here!

  • Please include the name of the program/event, what it will entail, its purpose, and what need it will meet within the Jewish community on campus.
  • Be as specific as possible! The more specifically you outline your needed budget, the more thoroughly we will consider your request.