Visiting the Kraft Center

Click here to access the visitor form. 

Access for University ID Cardholders

Columbia University, Barnard College, Teachers College and Jewish Theological Seminary (“University”) ID cardholders must use a valid University ID for entry to the Kraft Center via the Columbia University card access system.  All students must have a valid “Green Pass” to enter.  Manhattan School of Music students are to present their ID card to the security guard and will be granted access to the Kraft Center.

Guest Access

Valid University ID card holders may host up to three (3) guests for whom they accept responsibility and with whom they must be present at all times.  The University ID cardholder and guest(s) must show identification to the security guard. Guests’ IDs will be scanned and a building pass will be issued.  Guest(s) must display their building pass throughout their visit to the Kraft Center. The building pass will be good for the day that is has been issued. Visitors must complete the form (see link at the top of the page) and must upload proof of vaccination.

Guests Visiting the Kraft Center Offices

A list of non-University ID holders wishing to gain access to the Kraft Center will be maintained at the security desk.  Guest(s) will be provided access to the Kraft Center after providing the security guard with a valid ID. A building pass will be issued which is to be visible throughout the visit to the Kraft Center.  Guest(s) visiting the Kraft Center who are not on the “access list” are to present an ID to the security guard and indicate the nature of their visit. The security guard will call the staff offices indicating that a visitor is in the Lobby. If access is granted, then the guest(s) will be issued a building pass and wait in the lobby; a staff member will greet the guest(s) in the lobby. Click here to access the visitor form. 

Responsibility of Hosts

Those hosting guest(s) in the Kraft Center are responsible for the actions of their guest(s).   Inappropriate behavior may result in the revocation of the Kraft Center guest access privilege(s).  The security guard will maintain a list of individuals who are not permitted access to the Kraft Center and a list of hosts who are no longer permitted to sign in guests.

Shabbat and Holidays

Students will be required to show their University ID to the security guard on Shabbat and holidays.  Visitors on the “access list” are to show an ID to the security guard and will be granted access.  Visitors who plan on attending meals must also register for those meals in advance.