Here4You is  not an event or a series of programs – it’s a reminder in this busy city and stressful campus that you aren’t alone.


What does it mean that Hillel if here for you? It means…

  • When midterms and finals roll around, we’ll make sure you have opportunities to take a break, relieve some stress, and refuel. We’ll be all over campus with coffee, snacks, and smiles – look out for pop up study break info on social media around midterms and finals.
  • If you’re having a stressful day, feeling overwhelmed, or even have something exciting to share, Hillel professionals are trusted adults you can turn to. Reach out to anyone on the Hillel team, and we’ll be your listening ear. If you’re not sure who to connect with, reach out to Shana and she’ll put you in touch.
  • Looking for on-campus resources specifically for LGBTQ+ students? Check these out.
  • We’re not mental health professionals, but we know where to find them! If you’re struggling to find the resources you need, we’ll help you connect to on and off campus resources. Email [email protected] in a non-emergency situation. If you’re in need of emergency mental health care, call 212-854-2878 (Columbia students) or (855) 622-1903 (Barnard students).