Passover 2017: Storytelling

On Passover we recount the origin story of the Jewish People. In fact, the art of storytelling itself is a key theme of the holiday: While we tell the story of the Exodus at the seder, we even recount our ancestors’ storytelling! With each generation we add new chapters and volumes to this Jewish narrative, thereby staking a claim in our heritage and simultaneously contributing to it. Passover is a time to tell tales of the past, the present and future. It is the legends of our ancestors, our people, and of ourselves. And so we ask: What’s your story?

Below, you will find the info for all of your Holiday needs! Stay tuned to all Hillel announcements and listservs for the many unique educational, cultural and socially conscious endeavors taking place on campus throughout the Passover season.

For the first two nights of Passover, there are several different seder options from which to choose. At the Kraft Center we host multiple seder options for undergraduates as well as one for graduate students, alumni, and faculty.

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  • CBS: Columbia Barnard Shabbat Dinner – Passover Edition (April 14)