Kosher Dining FAQs

Kosher Meal Plans

What are my options, and can I choose the program I want?

There are two kosher meal plan options available on campus for YOU the student.  One is offered through Columbia University Dining at John Jay Hall and the other through Barnard College Dining at Hewitt Hall.  Students from CC, SEAS and BC can select either plan.  The information below depends on which program you choose, and not which school you attend, so CHOOSE WISELY! If you have any questions regarding these options, please contact: Rabbi Hain

On a meal plan, what about Shabbat and Holiday meals?
Shabbat and Holiday meals are community meals held in Hewitt Hall (Barnard) and done in conjunction with Hillel.  All Shabbat and Holiday meals are included in the Barnard Dining plan.  Columbia kosher dining is closed Shabbat and Holidays.  Columbia dining students may sign up for a Shabbat or Holiday meal for $15.50/dinner and $13/lunch.  This option can be purchased from Barnard Dining Services.

Regardless of which kosher meal plan you choose, you must sign up for here Shabbat meals each week by Thursday at 12:00pm, at the latest.  Holiday sign up will take place a few days in advance of each Holiday.

Can I eat at another dining hall if I want to?
There is a meal exchange allowing students on the meal plan to eat in either dining hall. Excluding Shabbat and Holidays, Columbia dining students can exchange lunch or dinner at Hewitt for an additional $4.00, paid in cash or dining dollars.  Barnard dining students have a straight exchange.

Monday through Friday, Barnard offers kosher breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner.  Columbia offers brunch and dinner.  Brunch at Columbia may only be exchanged for lunch at Barnard, while dinner at Columbia may only be exchanged for dinner at Barnard.  Columbia students may purchase at Barnard with cash or dining dollars breakfast for $6.00, lunch for $10.75, dinner for $14.00 and Sunday brunch for $14.00.

When can I eat?
Regular weekday kosher meals at both locations are served at all regular meal times.  Either follow the hungry crowds to John Jay or Hewitt, or check their websites at or<a
Shabbat and Holiday meal times vary based on the calendar.  Please check Shabbat Times.

Who supervises the Kosher food?
Both campuses are under strict supervision. Columbia University’s kosher offerings are Fresko sandwiches and salads which are under the Star-K supervision. Barnard College’s kosher food services are supervised by the Queens Vaad who oversee the kosher operations on a number of campuses in New York.

What’s to eat?
Columbia’s kosher dining program offers pre-packaged grab-and-go products like Fresko.

At Barnard, all meals are freshly made in a supervised full service kosher kitchen. Breakfast and lunch are dairy, while dinner is a meat meal.  The kosher section includes a salad bar as well.  All Shabbat and Holiday Meals follow traditional menus.

What is the difference between Columbia and Barnard Meal Points?
Meal plans come with points that work like cash on campus.  Columbia points may only be used at Columbia campus retail facilities (including the John Jay Kosher Deli), while Barnard points may only be used at Barnard facilities. Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased that are usable on both campuses.

What’s the “bottom line”?
Columbia’s kosher meal plan costs $4,700 per year including brunch and dinner daily,  not including Shabbat and Holidays.

Barnard’s kosher meal plan costs $5000 per year including daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, brunch on Sundays, Shabbat and Holiday meals.

The Wrap Around Plan for Columbia students to purchase all Shabbat meals is $630 per year.

Where can I get more information?
For Columbia, please contact the Customer Service Center at [email protected], 212-854-4076 or visit room 118 Hartley Hall.

Barnard may be contacted through the dining manager Al Sorbera at 212-854-6663.

In addition to the main meal plans, there are a variety of kosher options on and off campus, including Hillel’s Vish (Hummus Cafe), the John Jay Kosher Deli and packaged kosher items in select dining locations.