High Holidays

Happy New Year! This year Rosh Hashanah begins Monday evening September 6th and continues through September 8th. Yom Kippur begins Wednesday evening September 15th and continues onto September 16th. We’re looking forward to ringing in the new Jewish year with opportunities to gather safely.  Looking for info on Yom Kippur Services? Just scroll below the form (but don’t forget to sign up for break fast!).

Are you a Columbia graduate student? Check out The Grad Network for information about celebrating the high holidays together!

Undergraduate students, fill out this form for info on meals, services, and more, and check out the details below. Shana tova!

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    Please select all that apply, and specify additional needs in the next response. All food will be certified kosher.
    Feel free to choose more than one. You are welcome to jump around!

~High Holidays on Campus for Undergraduate Students~

  • Meals:  Rosh Hashanah dinner (September 6th and 7th) and lunch (September 7th and 8th) are offered free of charge to Columbia/Barnard undergrads. Grab your meal to go with the option of eating outdoors on campus with a cluster of old or new friends. Yom Kippur Break Fast (September 16th) will also be offered free of charge to Columbia/Barnard undergrads. Register above!
  • Services: We’re excited to offer an array of opportunities for those looking to engage with prayer and reflection for the High Holidays. All services are open and welcoming, free of charge to students. Register above! Yom Kippur service times and locations are as follows:
    • Koach (Conservative) Services:
      Wednesday, September 15
      6:45pm – Kol Nidre Services
      3rd Floor Tent (Kraft Center)
      Thursday, September 16
      9:30am – Morning Service
      5:45pm – Afternoon and Ne’ilah
    • Yavneh (Orthodox) Services:
      Wednesday, September 15
      6:30pm – Kol Nidre Services
      Schermerhorn Tent (Columbia Campus)
      Thursday, September 16
      9:00am – Morning Service
      11:30am – Yizkor Memorial Service
      5:00pm – Afternoon and Ne’ilah Service
      Schermerhorn Tent (Columbia Campus)
    • Kesher (Reform) Services:
      Wednesday, September 15
      7:00pm – Kol Nidre Service
      Futter Field Tent (Barnard Campus)
      Thursday, September 16
      10:30am – Morning Service
      12:15pm – Yizkor Memorial Service
      Futter Field Tent (Barnard Campus)
      7:00pm – Ne’ilah Closing Service
      Rennert Auditorium (Kraft Center)
  • New Year Starter Kit:  We want to gift you something special to celebrate the High Holidays and the beginning of a new school year! Enjoy this curated kit that will help you experience the wisdom, flavors and essence of the holiest days of the Jewish year.  You’ll get a custom bullet journal, DIY rituals, sweet treats and more! Sign up above!
  • Tashlich Ritual:  What are you letting go of so you can enter this New Year refreshed, as your best self? Take a walk with us to Riverside Park to symbolically “cast away” your misdeeds, mistakes and bad habits in a beautiful ritual called Tashlich.  We’ll meet outside the Kraft Center on Wed, Sept 8th at 3pm and walk to the riverfront in Riverside Park together.   Email Rabbi Leah with questions.
  • Rosh Hashanah Pop Up Picnic:  Join us on Butler lawn for apples and honey, treats on Tues, Sept 7th 1:30-4pm.
  • Join our friends at Hillel International for Higher Holidays, an epic celebration of the high holiday season.
  • Not sure what kind of high holiday experience or virtual service you’re looking for? Reach out to Rabbi Leah and she’ll help guide you.