Shana Zionts

Title: Assistant Director

Phone: (212) 854-0455

Shana Zionts loves being a member of the Kraft Center team! She has been at Columbia/Barnard Hillel since July 2013, first as the Director of Student Life and now as the Assistant Director.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Shana went to Brandeis and then moved to NYC to pursue her masters degree in Experiential Jewish Education. Professionally, she has done everything from running staff training programs for the National Ramah Commission to overhauling the educational models of NY-area synagogues through work at the Jewish Education Project. In her spare time Shana can be found watching old episodes of the West Wing, trying new vegetarian recipes (Shana is a proud flexitarian – google it!), and wishing there was a “y” in her name so people would pronounce it correctly.