Judaism & You Fellowships


Judaism & You Fellowships are all about the intersection between your passions, interests, and identities. Fellowships gather to learn, talk, and build community on a weekly basis. Some fellowships are discussion-based while others bring in outside educators and guests to facilitate learning and dialogue. Judaism & You fellowships are open to all Columbia/Barnard undergraduate students. 


FALL 2021


Judaism & College Life (Class of 2025 and 2024 if you’re new to campus this year!)

YOU MADE IT! You’re in college!! Now what?! Being in college provides us with the opportunity to decide who we want to be and how we want to interact with the world around us. This conversational seminar is for anyone looking to deepen their connection to Judaism on their own terms and build community while meeting other students who are brand new to campus this year. We will try to explore the often complex questions with which we are faced upon our arrival at college in a way that enables us to find our own answers. All backgrounds are welcome, no prior formal Jewish education is necessary! This fellowship will meet weekly for 8 weeks for dinner and discussion. Click here to register and email Rabbi Leah with any questions!

First Year Leadership Fellowship (Class of 2025)

Hey Class of 2025! Are you ready to hit the ground running? The First Year Leadership Fellowship brings together a diverse cohort made up of members of the first year class. Together you’ll explore issues of Jewish leadership and prepare to become leaders within our community. First Year Leadership Fellows have the opportunity to implement new ideas and are exposed to various leadership opportunities within the Jewish community, so that you’ll be prepared to step into those roles over the course of your college careers.

The First Year Leadership Fellowship meets on Monday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. The group will meet throughout the fall semester, and will host a second (separate) cohort in the spring semester depending on demand.

To become a part of the First Year Leadership Fellowship, click here. Contact Navah with any questions!

Judaism & the Core Curriculum

This fellowship explores the nexus between the Core Curriculum and Jewish thought. By engaging in weekly sessions led by world-renowned educators, fellows will enjoy the most penetrating philosophical and literary works of Western tradition with a new Jewish lens. In addition, participants will create a micro community of Jewish learning and living with new friends that will last throughout their college years. Curated by Rabbi Hain, this year will include incredible scholars and Jewish thinkers. Apply now!

Hillel Leadership Fellowship (Classes of 2023 and 2024)

Hillel Leadership FellowshipHey Sophomores and Juniors! Did you miss out on First Year Leadership Fellowship when we were remote? You’re in luck! This year, we’re bringing together a diverse cohort from the classes of 2023 and 2024 for a Hillel Leadership Fellowship. Together you’ll explore issues of Jewish leadership and the dilemmas that leaders face within our community. Hillel Leadership Fellows will have the opportunity to implement new programmatic ideas and experience different leadership opportunities within the Jewish community, to deepen your understanding of the roles you may currently hold, or are hoping to hold over the course of your college careers.

The Hillel Leadership Fellowship will meet over dinner on Monday nights from 7:30-9:00pm. To become a part of the Hillel Leadership Fellowship, click here. Contact Navah with any questions!

Judaism & Educating

Whether you LOVE working at Jewish camp, are working at a religious school to make some extra money, or think you might want to pursue a career in Jewish education, the Judaism and Educating fellowship is for you! We’ll meet weekly to build community and explore new ideas with innovative and inspiring educators from across the spectrum of Jewish life. This fellowship will meet on Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm throughout Fall 2021, starting on Wednesday, October 6. Click here to register, and reach out to Shana with any questions!

Judaism & Everyday Life

Have you wanted to learn more about Judaism and how it applies to your life today,¬†but haven‚Äôt had the¬†time or opportunity to do that yet? Or had the feeling of walking into (or avoiding!) a Jewish space feeling like you don’t know enough? Then Judaism & Everyday Life is for you! Each session will focus on a different theme within Judaism, ranging from sacred texts to Shabbat and holidays to social justice.¬†¬†This no-judgement, all-questions-welcome fellowship will meet weekly for 8 weeks for dinner and discussion.¬† Email¬†Rabbi Leah¬†with any questions and¬†click here¬†to register!

Judaism & Israel (iEngage)

The iEngage (Judaism and Israel)  seminar partners with world-class educators from the Shalom Hartman Institute to explore contemporary issues and the State of Israel. Students selected for this seminar will reframe the Israel discussion through values-based conversations, rather than politics or advocacy.

The fellowship features five sessions each semester, and will hopefully include a week at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, either during Winter Break or following spring semester.. This seminar is intended for members of the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024. Please reach  out to Navah or Rabbi Hain with any questions, and click here to apply.

Judaism & Justice

Judaism and Justice is a space to explore the intersections between Jewish identity, Jewish values, and current injustices in our communities. Together we will learn about and explore how to act on issues such as racism, classism, disability rights, and climate justice. This fellowship will meet 8 times over the course of the fall semester. No prior Jewish learning or justice activism is necessary. Contact Michaela or Alyssa with any questions, and click here to apply.