Hillel Student Leader Resources

Planning for your event:

Requesting Space in the Kraft Center – If you would like to hold your program in the Kraft Center, please fill out this space request form. If you have any questions about availability and layouts, please contact Avigail Schneiman, Student Life Administrator. Space requests will be reviewed by the Vice President of Groups and the Student Life Administrator on a weekly basis. You may not start advertising for your event until you have received approval.

Ordering Form – Please submit all supply requests using this ordering form. Please submit requests at least a week before your program, to leave time for shipping. All supply orders should be made using this form, unless you are purchasing food from Morton Williams (using the proper form, which can be found at the main desk on the 3rd floor of the Kraft Center), or have discussed extenuating circumstances with Avigail and your staff advisor. If you have questions regarding ordering materials/food, please contact Avigail.

Booking Space on Campus – To book space on either the Columbia or Barnard  campuses, please set up a meeting with Avigail. In order to book space on campus, you must have already received approval for the event from your Hillel staff advisor. If you have questions about advising, please contact Navah Kogen, Director of Student Life.

Following your event: 

(Leaders must submit attendee lists for all events – please use the appropriate form below, depending on what type of reimbursement/receipt submission is necessary)

Reimbursement Form – Please fill out this form to be reimbursed for independent purchases made for your group/event. Please remember that you will not be reimbursed for tax, so make sure to use a tax exempt form whenever possible (copies of the form can be found at the main desk on the 3rd floor of the Kraft Center). This form can also be used to submit invoices to pay guests lecturers/outside organizations for events. The form includes a space to list the attendance for an event

Receipt Submission – Please use this form to submit receipts from orders made with the Columbia/Barnard Hillel credit card. The form includes a space to list the attendance for an event

Attendee List – If you do not need to submit any receipts following your event, please use this form to submit your list of attendees


** If you have any questions, please reach out to Avigail Schneiman, Student Life Administrator**